AMExT develops innovative auction systems using patent-pending bid-premium technology. Bid premiums can be used to compensate bidders for the risk of delivery assumed by bidding in an auction and for the bidder's contribution in the ultimate auction price.

AMExT bid-premium technology can be used by a variety of companies, both on-line and off-line, to increase revenue and market share.
On-Line Auctioneers On-line auction companies, like Ebay, can integrate AMExT bid-premium technology to offer their bidders an new way to earn money using auctions, while also raising the final auction prices for their sellers. Other companies offering on-line auctions, like Yahoo and Amazon, can use AMExT bid-premium technology to offer larger incentives to their users to help increase their market share in the on-line auction business relative to the leader, Ebay.
On-Line Retailers On-line retailers, like Amazon or Overstock, can use a Dutch auction with AMExT bid-premium technology to sell items in a "stock market" style environment where bidders who do not end up with the sale item can earn cash while their bidding increases the ultimate price of the sold items.
TV Shopping Channels Home shopping television programmers can use AMExT bid-premium technologies with telephone and Internet enabled Dutch auctions to stimulate sales and revenues by letting their viewers earn money on products they bid on and do not win.
On-Line Advertising Companies Keyword and banner placement auctions, like Google AdWords, can incorporate AMExT bid-premium technology to stimulate bidding and offer their customers an opportunity to earn money on placements they did not win. The other bidders help assure that the the final price paid is the best price for the seller and a fair price for the winning bidder.
Investment Banks Investment banks can use AMExT bid-premium technology in conjunction with or to entirely replace their Dutch IPO (like the $1.6 billion Google offering) and bond auctions to stimulate bidding and ensure that the offering company or organization receives the best price possible. This could create an opportunity for bidders to profit on the auctions even when they do not acquire any or all of the securities they bid on.
Government Agencies Government agencies can use AMExT bid-premium technology to increase revenue from auctions as complex as the United States Department of the Treasury bond and the Federal Communications Commission spectrum auctions and from auctions as simple as the General Services Administration seized property auctions.
If you or your company is interested in working with us on a bid-premium auction, or have any questions about AMExT or bid-premium technology, please email

If you are interested in working for us, either as an employee or contractor, please email your resume to AMExT is based in New York, but will consider remote employees and contractors.

If you would like to try out a bid-premium auction, please visit the Auction Market at The Auction Market is an ongoing development project, but please note that it auctions real items for real money, so please do not list an item or bid on an item unless you are serious about selling or buying it.

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